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Returning to the Office and In-Person Events

returning in-person events

Returning to the Office and In-Person Events

returning in-person events

March 30, 2022

In-Person Events and Office Workers Make a Come Back

Building Intelligence has expanded its capabilities to secure vehicles, vendors and visitors for security and facility operators preparing for a return to the office and in-person events.

NEW YORK, NY – Building Intelligence is enabling stadiums, arenas, convention centers and workplaces to bring back visitors to safer and more secure venues and environments through the implementation of its cloud-based security software solutions aimed at vehicle, vendor and visitor management from the lobby of a facility to the loading dock.

Building Intelligence acquired Veristream, a global leader in visitor management, back in September 2021 which has allowed the New York-based company to provide and expand its SV3® services, the patented SAFETY Act Certified technology for visitor, vehicle and vendor management, to buildings and facilities around the country.

The technology company provides a trusted access program while enhancing logistics and streamlining operations at locations like Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.; Hudson Yards, Moynihan Train Hall and the World Trade Center in New York City; and University of California, Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, among many others around the country as more buildings and facilities begin to prioritize safety, security and sustainability.  

“The pandemic changed the public’s view of safety, and Building Intelligence provides solutions to address these concerns with technology backed by the Department of Homeland Security helping to empower people to arrive at workplaces, convention centers and stadiums with a feeling of safety and security,” said Jeff Friedman, CEO of Building Intelligence. “Building Intelligence is proud to be at the forefront of revolutionizing the flow of people, vehicles and materials in and around venues with efficiency and visibility, especially as events pick back up and more individuals return to the office.”

Building Intelligence’s SV3® modules include a visitor program – managing the scheduling, authorization and access of people entering and moving around a building, and vehicle and vendor programs – enhancing the logistics and operations of the event-industry while reducing waste and increasing revenue. Building Intelligence also promotes sustainability by more efficiently managing truck deliveries, which helps improve traffic flow around various facilities while reducing emissions.

For more information please give us a call 1.877.353.3377 or schedule a demo here.

About Building Intelligence

Headquartered in New York, Building Intelligence provides innovative solutions for managing the access and identities of visitors, vehicles and vendors. Its award-winning, cloud-based software, SV3®, creates an efficient and streamlined process at all entry points, enabling facilities to establish secure operations from the lobby to the loading dock.

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