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SV3 Enterprise is a scalable visitor management system for buildings and corporate campus of all sizes.

SV3 Enterprise visitor management

Secure Visitor Management System

SV3 Enterprise®, formally known as BreezN, is a sophisticated visitor management solution that is ready to be deployed quickly across multiple locations. This system features an Outlook integration, strong data security, and all the latest visitor management features.

Our goal at Building Intelligence is to help companies better protect people, property, and assets, and SV3 Enterprise® is an integral part of the solution. SV3 Enterprise® is just one aspect of the SV3 product suite that offers other security and logistic solutions. All SV3 applications are SAFETY Act Certified by the DHS and SV3 Enterprise® is next in line. SAFETY Act is anti-terrorism technology that caps liability and provides flow-down coverage to facility operators, system integrators, consultants, and occupants.

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Key Features and Benefits

Outlook Integration

Visitor badges

QR Code Invitation

ID Scanning

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Azure Dedicated Environment

Send Notifications

Real-Time Reporting

Memorable First Impressions
Meaningful Reporting Output
Security and Compliance
Measurable ROI
Lobby Congestion Reduction
Operational Efficiency Optimization
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Visitor management that offers security, compliance, and convenience at every stage.

SV3 Enterprise® is ready to be deployed quickly across multiple locations to bring all your facilities up to speed at once.

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