SV3 Enterprise®

A scalable visitor management system for buildings and corporate campus of all sizes. SV3 Enterprise®, formally known as BreezN, is a sophisticated visitor management solution that is ready to be deployed quickly across multiple locations. This system features an Outlook integration, strong data security, and all the latest visitor management features.

SV3 Enterprise® Visitor Management

01. Pre-Registration

Visitors receive an email with meeting details and a QR code to check-in with.

02. Seamless Arrival

Upon arrival, the visitor scans their QR code or signs in manually at the iPad kiosk.

03. Host Notification

The host receives an instant notification via email or text after their visitor has checked-in.

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What We Do

Transform, optimize, and protect your facilities

Our goal at Building Intelligence is to help companies better protect people, property, and assets, and SV3 Enterprise® is an integral part of the solution. SV3 Enterprise® is just one aspect of the SV3 product suite that offers other security and logistic solutions. All SV3 applications are SAFETY Act Certified by the DHS and SV3 Enterprise® is next in line. SAFETY Act is anti-terrorism technology that caps liability and provides flow-down coverage to facility operators, system integrators, consultants, and occupants.

Our Services

Manage your visitors with ease

Faster Check-ins

Schedule your visitors for quick check-in with automated emails and QR codes.

Lobby Kiosk

Seccure unmanned entrances with kiosks, cutting down security threats and unwanted traffic.

Background checks

Instantly run background checks on visitors as soon as they check-in.

Watch lists and alerts

Screen against internal and external watch and barred visitor lists, and receive automatic security alerts for barred visitors.

Multiple Locations

Increase workplace security with full transparency of visitors across all locations at any time.

Real-time reports

View current visitors, activity, alerts, and run reports in real-time — instantly improving security and workflows for your business.

New data security standards

Cloud-based, private environment offers the ultimate data protection.
Dedicated Environment

Your data will be stored on its own Microsoft Azure environment, not on a shared server with other organizations’ data—reducing the risk of cyber attacks.

Data Encryption

Customer data is secure at all phases of its lifecycle: 256-bit AES encryption while at rest. TLS 1.2 encryption in transit.

Data Centers

Data centers undergo third-party audits to review security, availability, integrity and confidentiality. Azure data centers are SOC 1 (SSAE 16), Type II, and SOC 3 certified.

Secure Data Flow

Protect our systems from malware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and other threats with the latest Microsoft technologies.

Secure Product Portfolio


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SafetyAct visitor management

Safety Act Certified.

“Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002” (Safety Act).

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