Cloud-based Visitor, Vehicle and Vendor Management Solutions

Reimagine Your Lobby And Loading Dock Experience

SV3 by Building Intelligence is a cloud-based enterprise platform to manage your network of visitors, vehicles and vendors requiring temporary entry to your facility.

 Easily schedule, verify and vet anyone coming on-site while creating an amazing experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

Modern organizations have a complex ecosystem of temporary access needs...​

Whether it’s visitors entering your main lobby expecting a fast, efficient and welcoming experience 


Vendors coming into your loading dock and service entrance who need to be quickly processed, unloaded and back on their way

SV3 by Building Intelligence has you covered

SV3 can be deployed to cover all facility entry points or can be deployed as a standalone visitor or vehicle management module

SV3 Visitor

Create a secure and welcoming visitor experience across your organization

SV3 Vehicle

Manage vendors, authorize vehicles and deliveries, and assign loading docks

Benefits of SV3

Great First Impression

Meaningful Reporting Output

Security and Compliance

Save Time & Money

Reduce Congestion

Increase Logistical Efficiency

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