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Combing Veristream’s visitor management solutions with Building Intelligence’s product portfolio puts security teams everywhere one step ahead of physical threats.

Building Intelligence Acquires Veristream

Building Intelligence, providers of SV3®, the patented SafetyAct Certified technology for visitor, vehicle, and vendor management, today has acquired Veristream, the global leader in visitor management!

Building Intelligence and Veristream are trusted by thousands of buildings worldwide to secure facilities from the lobby to the loading dock. 

This acquisition brings together a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio for offices, commercial buildings, stadiums, and event centers to increase safety and optimize logistics related to visitors, vehicles, and vendors.

Our Clients and Partners

Trusted by thousands of buildings including offices, commercial buildings, stadiums, and event centers, already use Building Intelligence and Veristream to improve security and operations.

From solutions that support “return to office” with health surveys and desk reservations to “trusted access”, our solutions provide tremendous benefits across many verticals of facility management.

Secure Product Portfolio

SV3 Visitor®

Preregister visitors and expedite check-in at the lobby while leaving your guests with a memorable first impression.

SV3 Vehicle®

Manage your third-party network of vendors. Enroll and schedule deliveries to ensure the right people are coming on-site at the right time.

SV3 Insights®

Visualize vehicle and visitor trends within your facility, procure reports, and predict resource allocation with forecasting tools.

SV3 Connector®

Integrate to your favorite tools and apps, utilize SV3 through conferencing and access control or use SV3's custom API.


Cloud-based visitor management system designed for healthcare and Enterprise “return to work” with health, safety, and compliance top of mind.


Flagship multi-tenant visitor management system that manages visitors and contractors while incorporating security requirements.

Building physical security

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Trusted by the most visited landmarks in the world

SV3, BreezN, and iVisitor are trusted by thousands of buildings worldwide to make enterprise buildings safer and more efficient daily.

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