About Building Intelligence

Who We Are

Headquartered in New York, Building Intelligence provides innovative solutions for managing the access and identities of visitors, vehicles and vendors. Its award-winning, cloud-based software, SV3®, creates an efficient and streamlined process at all entry points. Enabling facilities to establish secure operations from the lobby to the loading dock.

SV3 by Building Intelligence

Our Story

We’ve all experienced situations that have shaken our world, and the Building Intelligence story starts there. Our SV3® software was born when we decided to create a business in a world that felt fear and didn’t feel safe. We wanted to create change to better the world around us, and we still do now. 

Which is why all of our systems provide streamlined operations, logistics and comprehensive security protocols that protect people, property and assets. Our clients receive undivided support that is available 24/7, and a team that is continuously working to innovate SV3’s functionality.

We are honored that our trusted access programs serve public and private communities. We hope to service more facilities in the years to come to boost efficiency and security for every building.