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Is Your Visitor Management System Hitting The Basics?

APRIL 3, 2019

The world of visitor management is changing and existing technologies and procedures are falling behind the times. A VMS is no longer just for scheduling a guest and checking an ID when they are on-site.  It’s role has grown to cover contractors with access levels, temporary employee access, forgotten badges and new employee provisioning.  Furthermore, guests and employees want a seamless check-in. It is vital a visitor system is chosen that can easily integrate to new technologies and is scalable as your systems grow.

Here is a checklist to help you evaluate your current visitor system:

QR Code Check-ins: QR codes should be used to ensure that pre-registered visitors and walk-ins can check-in with ease and use that credential for the turnstile or elevator

Arrival Notifications: Announce visitors on arrival and system generated approval or rejection functionality for walk-ins; the system should notify host by both phone and email

Customized Invitations: Pre-registered visitors should receive a unique and professional email invitation which includes a map and contact details. Health and safety instructions and practical information on how to enter the site can now be communicated in advance. Furthermore, it’s a chance to promote your company’s brand

Kiosk Workflow: Visitors should be able to complete self check-in or self registration with Kiosks. Workflows should be customizable based on visitor type and building. The system should facilitate the execution and management of NDAs or documents.

Integrations: The system should be able to integrate with multiple different software systems. Access control is the minimum, but you also want the system to integration to the company directory, single sign-on, HR systems, etc.  A visitor system needs to be able to expand as your organizations needs and technology change 

Visitor management is by no means a one size fits all and every facility will have different needs.  If your system hits the majority of the items above, you should be in pretty good shape, otherwise it might be time to start looking for an upgrade.

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