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The Ultimate Blend Of Security And Operations: No More Confrontations

DECEMBER 10, 2018

This morning on a visit to a friend’s office, I saw a security officer wave in a contractor who merely stated he was in a rush and needed to get upstairs quickly. I asked the officer, if he knew him. He did not. He explained that he didn’t want a confrontation with the tenant, the vendor, or the building. This was a major building in midtown NYC, and it is still happening everywhere.

An important responsibility of both executive management and the facility operator is to keep employees safe. This security officer’s fear of confrontation just makes it impossible. And, I think we all understand how the security officer feels, in that moment he is asking someone where they are going while they are in a New York rush. We want to create an environment in the lobby, where there is an expectation of friendly participation in security and safety practices.

In variably there is a list of vendors that are approved for a building/facility on some piece of paper somewhere. Maybe the security officers have a copy, maybe they have an old copy. If a tenant or division, needs a service or something, they call and the vendor says, “I’ll send someone over right away”.

The person arrives, ready to go to work, and the vendor or visitor is not on any list, and now you have a security officer about to have a confrontation. Sounds like everyday madness. Or worse, the contractor approaches the security officer tells them why they are there, and the security officer just waves them in.

We are so proud of what we have done with SV3®, the ultimate blend of empowering a security officer with the real-time awareness of who should pass. We don’t want security officers in confrontations and we don’t want them just letting anyone in. For all the clients who are using SV3® and integration partners who are standing behind the solution, thank you.  We appreciate your assistance in supporting the mission.

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