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Security, The Most Important Amenity

The title concept got into my head; and I don’t think it needs much of an explanation. Everyone, at home, at work, at a ballgame, I believe, really understands that security is the most important amenity. Would I go or send my family to an event that I knew was not safe? An event that had absolutely no contemplation of risk or procedures for an emergency. At this point, in this world, probably not.

What about in your office? Are people ok when visitors are allowed to freely walk into the building? Are we ok with trucks going into loading docks without some level of screening? For us, in the security industry, we have been in on this all along. My sense is that now, more than ever, the world is realizing it.

Leasing agents are hearing the questions and they need to be prepared to answer. Ten years ago the questions were about fiber and WiFi, five years ago it was about bike racks and shared space, now top of mind is security.   Attendance, tenant retention, mall traffic all will improve with better visible security measures.

Trying to make security cool, engaging everyone to understand the challenges and shared responsibility remains an effort. However, leaders, the people who remain responsible for people, assets and continuity all would agree that security is the most important amenity.

Building Intelligence, based out of New York, provides provides an unmatched cloud based visitor management system for managing access and identities of vehicles, visitors, and vendors. As an enterprise level service, we ensure that every solution is customized to fit the needs of buildings, tenants, and security companies that service facilities.
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