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Visitor Management in Times of Change

MARCH 31, 2020

As our tenants, customers, and visitors adapt to a changing environment, we have to be quick to provide solutions that meet their needs. With a visitor management system that is modular and versatile, there is little to no interruption to a business, just adaptation.

Here are some of the key features that SV3 is rolling out to adapt to clients’ needs:

Interval Scheduling

In times of social distancing, visitors must be scheduled to avoid over-crowding and to keep everyone within 6 feet of each other. A software that lets you automate the intervals of time you wish to separate your visitors in, helps keep everyone compliant while streamlining the experience for visitors.

Touchless Visitor Management

SV3 allows tenants to pre-schedule visitors, sending all necessary forms they must fill prior to entry, straight to their handheld device. Upon arrival, a visitor can simply scan their invitation and walk into the building or floor with zero contact. Visitors who aren’t prescheduled can send in a request for a visit via a link on the homepage to start the touchless process.

Facial Recognition Integration

Visitors can also experience contactless visitor management. SV3 can integrate with facial recognition cameras as well as ID scanners, allowing new visitors to scan their documents or face prior to entry.

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