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Event Security Includes Managing Deliveries And Vendors

SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

At most events, the risk begins to be accumulated prior to the event taking place.

Who is going to be on site creating the sets? Who is delivering the food? Who will be there to entertain? Who will be doing pre-show cleanup?

With each event the security practitioner must begin a vetting process, a scheduling program, monitoring and controlling waves of traffic well before the show. Issuing credentials in real-time to secure areas is a major challenge supports the concept of trusted access.

Operators need a security platform that manages everyday operations for vehicle-based and walk-in deliveries, for each event, resources must be scheduled and managed specific to the event. Clipboards are not good enough.

Pre-registration of vehicles, vendors and their staff can happen on portals. Getting all of these elements ready to be vetted through smart mobile applications onsite, on game day, generates a coordinated, orchestrated, efficient secure operation that can be integrated to access management. Controlling traffic and vetting through watch lists, notification programs and vehicle inspections is the best practice.

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