SV3 Vehicle®

SV3 Vehicle®

Secure and Seamless Vehicle & Vendor Access + Vetting.

Manage your third-party network of vendors, contractors and their vehicles and drivers quickly and securely. Enroll vendors, schedule deliveries and ensure the right people are coming on-site at the right time. SV3 is the product of converging security and logistics – simultaneously protecting the loading dock while enhancing operational efficiency. Most popular with high-rise buildings with garages and facilities with loading docks.

Schedule Deliveries

Schedule deliveries and verify incoming vehicles against an approved list

COI Management

Digitally manage certificates of insurance and verify documents

LPR/Video Integration

Integrate to License Plate Recognition Systems and speed up check-in

Usage Reporting

Report on all loading dock activity by tenant, department, vendor, area time, duration, and more

Mobile Check-in App

Utilize the SV3 mobile app with built-in license plate recognition for check-in

About SV3 Vehicle®

Designated App

Expedite the check-in process by providing drivers access to a mobile app that allows them to complete check-in steps prior to their arrival.

Additional Features

With SV3 you can choose the workflow that best works for you and your facility.

Request Approvals

Request Approvals Configure the system to require approvals on deliveries & new vendors

Notifications & Alerts

Receive text & email notifications throughout the delivery process

Freight Elevator Scheduling

Reserve freight elevator space

Date/Time Restrictions

Restrict bay scheduling based on time, area, vendor, or delivery size

Assign Docks & Bays

Assign incoming vehicles to available bays from the desktop or mobile app

Loading Dock Management

Get a live look at loading dock usage

Vendor Watchlists

Create watchlists of vendors and drivers

SSO & Active Directory

Integrate SSO & AD/LDAP

Access Badges

Print and add branding to your badges

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