SV3 Vehicle & Vendor Management

 A cloud-based platform for managing your third-party network of vendors and contractors, and permitting their vehicles, drivers and deliveries on-site quickly and securely.  By enrolling vendors and scheduling deliveries, organizations can ensure they are letting the right people on-site, at the right time.

SV3 is the product of converging security and logistics – simultaneously protecting the loading dock while enhancing operational efficiency. Whether your facility has one service entrance or multiple buildings and bays, SV3 can help.  

Vehicle and Vendor Workflow

Key Features

Vendor Portal

Manage vendors in an online portal and approve new vendor requests. Give vendors secure logins to manage their own information.

Schedule Deliveries

Schedule deliveries and send notifications. Verify incoming vehicles against a list of approved delivery tickets.

Certificates of Insurance

Digitally manage COIs and verify vendors have valid documents to come on-site automatically. Restrict scheduling if vendor COI is out of date.

Request Approvals

Configure the system to require approvals on deliveries and new vendors. Control approvals by time or area.

Notifications & Alerts

Receive text and email notifications throughout the process from when your delivery has been approved to when it arrives on-site.

Freight Elevator Scheduling

Reserve freight elevator space with your delivery. If the elevator is full you will be prompted to reschedule.

Mobile Check-in App

Utilize our mobile app with built-in license plate recognition for fast, efficient and secure vehicle check-ins.

Assign Loading Dock & Bays

Assign incoming vehicles to open bays from a desktop or mobile app. Traffic can be directed based on current availability.

Loading Dock Management

Get a live look at loading dock usage and activity including notifications and alerts based on time at the dock.

Usage Reporting

Report on all loading dock activity by tenant, department, vendor, area time, duration and more. Auditable data provides enhanced business intelligence.

Access Badges

Design your badges with colors, logos, pictures and other important items like WiFi passwords and approved areas.

SSO & Active Directory

Integrate to SSO & AD/LDAP to expedite sign-in and automatically manage user accounts and profiles.

LPR & Video Integration

Integrate to 3rd party License Plate Recognition Systems to speed up the vehicle check-in and checkout process.

Date & Time Restrictions

Restrict the ability to schedule deliveries to bays based on time, department, vendor or delivery size. Make ad-hoc restrictions as needed.

Vendor Watchlists

Create watchlists of vendors and drivers not permitted on-site. Easily keep track of outsourced vendors and contract drivers.