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Building Intelligence By Enhancing Your Network And Research Is A Slam Dunk

AUGUST 12, 2019

Trusting what you know, getting to know new partners and learning about products comes down to experience and research. By participating in networking events, meeting new people, listening to experienced professionals, we continue to build our private research team. In a recent visit to a potential client, it was explained that the client had already visited deployments, seen the product in action and was already confident in the fact that we did what we say we can do.

They had called their friends in the industry and did their homework. I could not have been more appreciative. By the time we were talking, they knew, and trusted that what we say we do, we do.

All the websites, marketing materials, and emails you can get regarding products and services are usually the best versions of reality.  For years, as an attorney, I remember clients telling me their version of the facts, handing me documents that portrayed them as absolutely right. The client would say things like, “This is going to be a slam dunk, right?” A few phone calls later, a little bit of research, calling on people I trusted to ‘tell it like it is’; Slam Dunk? Never.

The ability to be good at what you do, to make quick informed decisions, many times over, comes from your investment in building your network of trusted peers: “Building Intelligence.” That’s the slam dunk.

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