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What is Trusted Access?

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JULY 2, 2021

With SV3 you can keep your ecosystem of third-party vendors within one cloud-based app. It comes down to trusted access, so what is trusted access?

First, let’s look at managing vendors. When at the loading dock, operators should be able to answer the following questions: 

    1. Who’s coming in?

    2. Does someone know they’re coming in?

    3. Are they supposed to be coming in at this time?

    4. Has this person/company been vetted before coming in?

Trusted access is about capturing the information in advance to be able to schedule those who need to be on-site. When they’re vetted before coming into a building, loading dock, or facility, it makes the security officer checking them in comfortable doing so.

That way, vendors aren’t just verified, but part of a trusted access group.

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