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Interoperability f the Digital Age

Interoperability for the Digital Age

Blog | Visitor Management | The Need for Interoperability in the Digital Age 

The Need for Interoperability in the Digital Age

Interoperability for the Digital Age

JUNE 6, 2021

With robust, cloud-based solutions, systems don’t have to sit in siloes anymore.

They should have the ability to integrate into your existing solutions and any adjustments you’ve made to prepare for future-proofing.

Your visitor and vendor management systems should be flexible and continue to adapt with you as you expand and make changes. They should allow you to tie things together with other applications, streamline check-in processes, and limit the number of steps required to schedule visits and deliveries.

For example, SV3 allows clients to schedule visitors via conference room through EMS or SharePoint, as well as through third-parties and custom-built apps.

BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)

Another thing to consider is that tenants coming in, or perhaps other departments within your organization, might already have and want to use their technology. Your system should be able to loop their technology and integrate with your system without disrupting your or their processes.

However, your system shouldn’t stop there.

It shouldn’t just be interoperable, it should also facilitate interoperability — giving you the ability to integrate with multiple technologies in the future.

SV3 has a library of connectors to facilitate integrating to new systems as needed, as well as gives clients the option to use SV3’s open API.

Don’t fall behind by having a system that doesn’t adapt to the times. Learn more about how to use SV3 to connect to your existing solutions and prepare for future adjustments.

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