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Our Most-Asked-About Safety Feature

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Our Most-Asked-About Safety Feature

JUNE 30, 2020

As SV3 began adding safety features to make reopening easier and safer, there’s been one feature we keep getting asked about — Preregistration Questionnaires.

So how do they work?

There are three main types of questionnaires you can implement with SV3 for your environment.


  • Can be filled out by registered visitors or walk-ins at the self-check-in kiosk
  • You can approve or deny entry based on answers


  • A URL is sent the morning of a scheduled visit via email/text
  • Upon passing the questionnaire, a visitor will receive a QR Code invitation
  • Upon failing, a visitor will be told they need to reschedule their appointment and can automatically be added to an SV3 watchlist for 14 days.


  • Employees and tenants automatically receive a morning email or text with a questionnaire
  • Upon passing the questionnaire, employees will receive an email or QR Code for entry

What are the benefits of implementing questionnaires?

Questionnaires streamline the entry process for visitors and employees. They help you eliminate paper forms while making safety requirements easier to manage.

Why use SV3 to implement questionnaires?

We recognize building trust within your organization, especially amidst a global pandemic, is extremely important. SV3 protects the privacy of your employees and visitors by only capturing pass/fail information — specific answers are never stored or saved so you can focus on what matters — protecting your people.

Learn more about how to facilitate reopening and make the office safer here.
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