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Maximizing the Tenant Experience

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Maximizing the Tenant Experience: Flexibility and Ownership

MAY 21, 2021

There’s only one first impression and tenants keep expecting more from their building’s system. SV3 helps you wow your tenants with the flexibility and customization they want while keeping ownership and a process in place.

Ownership Oversight

✓ Empower tenants to manage the system while still enforcing procedures

✓ Run global watchlists and VIP lists

✓ Integrate with tenant LDAP/AD for automatic user updates

✓ Give tenants the flexibility they want without losing oversight into the system

The Tenant Experience

✓ Manage specific sub-systems with specific branding, workflows, and users

✓ Schedule visitors from a web browser or via email calendars

✓ Receive alerts when visitors arrive at the lobby

✓ Request temporary access when a badge is forgotten


Perks for Guests and Visitors

✓ Self-check-in at kiosks with a unique QR code sent by a tenant

✓ Go straight to the turnstile with a QR code

✓ Sign advanced NDAs or acknowledgments

✓ Receive a customized welcome with tenant-specific branding and instructions

These are just some of the features tenants and owners love about SV3. Learn more about what SV3 can do for you and your building by requesting a free, personalized demo here.

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