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Taking Action against Vehicular Threats

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Taking Action against Vehicular Threats

MARCH 3, 2021

As part of our mission to secure facilities, we take the threat of vehicles very seriously. As more technological advances and innovations emerge, so do threats, and just as there are people trying to use technology to combat these, there are others who see autonomous vehicles and other ground-breaking technologies as an opportunity to commit nefarious acts.

When it comes to vehicular threats the most obvious concern is VBIED or Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device, but anything from lack of insurance, dangerous conditions, or a stolen vehicle can be a threat. That’s why in partnership with security consultants and vehicle barrier manufacturers, Building Intelligence has designed a concept of operation for mitigating vehicle risk.

When thinking about how to prepare for the autonomous vehicles and delivery trucks that are in the making, we stand by these three truths:

  • Every vehicle needs a trusted sponsor
  • Every vehicle should be pre-registered
  • Every vehicle access should be scheduled within an acceptable time-frame

By doing these three things, you’ve raised the bar, and with the right tool and system in place, it’s not hard to put these steps into action. By implementing these, you will not only be securing your campus and facility, but your network of vendors will be more willing to partner in operations, security, and logistics, knowing that your space is secure.

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