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Benefits Of Access Control Integration

OCTOBER 9, 2019

Visitor management systems encompass more than keeping a log of who is on site. To be truly effective, they should leverage your existing access control investments and be fully integrated.

Benefits of Access Control Integration:

Grant visitors access to turnstiles, doors, and elevators.
Integration allows you to give visitors the ability to open barriers with their credentials. No need to leave the check-in desk or come down to the lobby to open a turnstile, door or elevator. Incorporate a straight-to-turnstile feature for an even more streamlined check-in process.

Multiple access credentials options.
When integrated with access control, you can choose what method of access your visitors use, whether it’s barcodes or QR codes on mobile, printed badges or access cards.

Record keeping.
Owners have control over access levels and a database of who comes in and out of their building and what they do once they’re inside.

Access levels by visitor type.
Multiple visitor types can be given predefined access levels and cards can be automatically enrolled when they complete the check-in process.

Temporary employee access or lost badge.
Employees can get temporary access into a new site or a temporary badge for the day if they’ve left their badge at home. If lost, a new badge can be automatically provisioned for them.

New employee provisioning.
Provision new employee access with proper approvals. Give them a visitor pass to check in and automatically enroll their permanent badge when they are on site.

These are just some of the benefits within a plethora of options access control integration can bring to your visitors and your building.

Building Intelligence is integrated with a variety of access control companies across the globe that make efficiencies and benefits wider for everyone involved.

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