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Empowering License Plate Recognition To Reaction with SV3®

DECEMBER 10, 2018

Get more time to respond and protect assets. Find ways to be smarter to adapt quicker to situations. Knowing sooner, adapting earlier and generating swift reaction. With SV3® connected to a license plate reader, a security officer can know within seconds whether the vehicle is trusted, the driver is a potential threat, and/or the vendor arrived at its normal time.

This can happen 150 yards away from an entrance. A vehicle traveling at 30 miles an hour, travels about 15 yards per second. With ten extra seconds, a door can be shut, a lockdown can be set into motion and a call can be made.

Setting up LPRs around the community creates a virtual perimeter that far exceeds the reach of a wall or gate. A vehicle or person can be identified well before entry to the critical infrastructure or where the majority of people are situated. The majority of physical threats will arrive by vehicle. While in the rare occasion arrival by foot or public transportation happens, its more than likely, its a vehicle that provided the proximity.

Depending on where and when that license plate recognition happens, SV3® can quickly inform a security officer of what to do, what to expect on their smartphone or at their desktop. SV3® can drive text messages or inform other alarm systems to assist in mitigating the threat.

While this could improve security in many ways, SV3® provides many benefits to operations, insurance management and supports a “Best Practice” for vendor/supplier controls. SV3® is not what you would call a pure-play solution, where the investment is simple about security and safety, it’s a solution that improves the facility in operations, logistics, risk management and supports the mission of business or institution that supports it.

Considering the costs of deploying Building Intelligence’s SV3 vehicle access management (VAM) solution, we see many more operators deploying data driven solutions over expensive walls or bollards. Whether in a single building or a campus, the simple premise to provide data to decision-makers about what is going on site.

With the data flowing to agencies, local law enforcement, facility managers and security groups, each can flag, observe or report on suspicious activity. If the person happens to be on a “watch list” instructions can be sent to a security officer to react accordingly.

Security is a shared responsibility.

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