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Are You Demonstrating Security’s ROI?

JUNE 19, 2019

Why is it that logistics and operations solutions get priority funding over security at most organizations?

The decision to implement or upgrade a physical security system is usually driven by budget and most often a reaction to an exposed vulnerability. However, the decision to implement or upgrade a logistics/operations solution is usually driven by efficiency studies and increased projected revenue. What can we do to change this?

The security industry has to express outcomes over the features of the products when asking for an upgrade in their systems. How will this save money? How will this increase efficiency? And – the golden ticket – how can this increase revenue?

A prime example of this happened during a recent walk-through of an SV3 installation with a potential client. One of the current clients giving the tour explained how SV3 allowed them to bill tenants based on loading dock and freight elevator usage as well as streamline resource allocation. Security was actually contributing to the bottom line. The guests looked at each other in bewilderment. It dawned on them that they could position this as a revenue generator instead of just another needed addition to the security “cost center.”

Currently, most security solutions are presented as a “necessary cost,” and people are always reluctant to spend money without a clear ROI. However, if security upgrades are presented as a business optimization solution that can aid in revenue generation, the follow-up questions from upper management shouldn’t be “When/why do we have to do this?” but instead, “How quickly can we get this in? Will I be able to show these savings by next quarter?”

While it’s easy to fall back on talking about features of the product, we need to focus on the endgame. Not how it works, but what will happen – what value it will bring.  When presented in this light, security projects will start to get the priority they deserve.

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