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Schedule Deliveries to Reduce Congestion

reduce congestion

November 22, 2021

News12 Long Island caught up with our CEO Jeffrey Friedman to get his thoughts on NYC congestion problems and how technology can help solve this problem.

He pointed out that most delivery trucks are not coordinating with one another and that is adding to the congestion. Stores often have numerous vendors delivering goods throughout the week. It doesn’t make sense if all the delivery trucks show up Monday between 10a-12p. 

Companies can begin to take control of the chaos by implementing SV3 vehicle to manage the trucks and delivery times. By scheduling deliveries, it lessens the burden on staff dealing with a sudden influx of multiple deliveries at one time, and it also makes streets less congested.

“The whole idea is to have a better city…to schedule vehicles and manage the vehicles as they come in,” Friedman.

Watch the video here to learn more.