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Schedule Deliveries and Streamline COI Management​


Schedule Deliveries and Streamline COI Management


February 22, 2022

Schedule Deliveries and Streamline Certificates of Insurance Management with SV3 Vehicle and Vendor

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to facility management — literally! Deliveries coming and going, documentation changing hands to validate vendors, and freight elevators moving throughout the day all contribute to the rhythm of your facility.

However, unscheduled deliveries and delayed documentation can throw a wrench in business operations. Improperly scheduled deliveries can back up entire departments. Missing insurance documentation can, at worst, become a liability your business has to handle. With SV3 Vehicle and Vendor, you’re able to consolidate your delivery schedules and documentation in one app.

How SV3 Vehicle and Vendor Improves Operations

1. Centralized storage

The SV3 Vehicle and Vendor platform makes this easy by allowing security and facility teams to store and manage all Certificates of Insurance (COIs). Users can also manage permissions and control who has access to the information.

2. Streamlines multi-vendor documentation

If you work with a lot of vendors, it can be hard to track multiple COIs should you ever need to pull them. While COIs are already condensed insurance policy information, it can be difficult to juggle alongside scheduling.

3. Welcome new vendors

SV3 Vehicle makes it easy for management teams to get COI information from new vendors, making it easier to consolidate that information before they make a delivery. This also helps new vendors start their relationship off with a facility on the right foot.

4. Boosts peace of mind

Having documents and deliveries scheduled on reliable software gives everyone involved peace of mind in the overall operations. The COI management guarantees that business partners are properly insured should anything happen, and easy scheduling tools mean that vendors and facilities managers alike are confident on deliveries.

Streamlined scheduling and COI management are just two benefits of our SV3 Vehicle and Vendor solution. To learn more about how SV3 can better secure your facility, give Building Intelligence a call at 1-877-353-3377 or schedule a demo online.

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