using technology to combat terrorism
safety act certification

Using Technology to Combat Terrorism

Our trusted access program sets steps in place to stop nefarious acts in their tracks. SV3 has been SAFETY-Act-certified by the DHS, deemed as anti-terrorism technology. The SAFETY Act caps liability and provides flowdown coverage to facility operators, system integrators, consultants and occupants. 

What is Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology?

The Department of Homeland Security vets products and services through their 2002 SAFETY (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies) Act program to qualify and certify technologies that help combat terrorism.

Vetting Vehicles and Vendors

schedule and verify

Schedule & Verify

Schedule vendors and deliveries in advance, vet everyone coming into your building prior to entry.

keep a record

Keep a Record

Keep a cloud-based database of everyone coming in and out of a protected area with a matching date and time.

use a watchlist

Use a Watchlist

Instantly cross-reference visitors, vendors, and drivers against third-party watchlists (e.g. No-Fly List, and more).

Protect Your Building & Facility

Create a Complete Trusted Access System with SV3

SV3 ensures there are no gaps in your security system by helping you vet visitors, vehicles and vendors in the lobby AND loading dock, integrating to your physical access control systems and allowing you to fully customize your building’s workflow.

protect your building and facility


Keep this resource library bookmarked for important information regarding the government's efforts to combat terrorism and nefarious acts.

safety act certification

Certified by the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act of 2002

The SAFETY Act provides legal liability protections for providers of Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies with the goal of encouraging the development and deployment of effective anti-terrorism products and services.