Risk Mitigation by Trusted Access

trusted access

December 13, 2021

A Trusted Access Program is a combination of procedures, products and physical conditions that establish a concept of operations relating to both logical and physical access based on identity, history and relationships. The goal of a Trusted Access Program is to systematically reduce the threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence. For management of the physical attributes of a Trusted Access Program three components work together as one solution to present and capture identities that reveal permissions and rights to access secure areas and equipment. 

Authenticate the Identity of People and vehicles

Access Control (Issued cards, turnstiles, card-readers, PACS)

Visitor Access Management (Scheduling and identifying invited visitors, issuing badges)

Vehicle Access Management (Administration of vehicle database and capture of license plates)

Vendor & Insurance Management (Administer vendor profiles, insurance documentation, vendor staff)

trusted access program

Building Intelligence’s mission is to deliver value-added solutions that improve operations, mitigate risk, and establish a demonstrable return on investment. We address the risks surrounding the daily business transactions of people and vehicles gaining access to secure areas.  

Security is a shared responsibility. Our solutions provide actionable intelligence to guards and facility operators. At the same time, security teams can identify visitors, vehicles and vendors generating alerts and instructions through workflows and notifications.  

Using the technology locally or globally across a multitude of locations, Building Intelligence supports standards of a risk-based approach to specific threats to facilities and the corporations that operate them.  Tailoring a Building Intelligence enabled Trusted Access Program, every facility operator will be able to support specific requirements to address insurance, procedures, resources, physical and logical access. 



Through the implementation of specific practices and procedures managed by technology, BI phases a transformation of disconnected security practices and generates a risk-based holistic approach to both physical and logical access. This provides significant protection from exposure to threats, from gaps in insurance coverage and inefficient operations.    

• Improved operations for facility and event management

• Reportable and auditable tracking of visitors, vendors and vehicles

• Mobile services include driver’s license and license plate recognition

• Manage compliance program for vendor documents 

• Procedures to leverage access control to influence compliance

• Communication portal between facility managers and security 

To learn more about creating a Trusted Access Program at your company to mitigate risk give Building Intelligence a call at 1-877-353-3377 or schedule a demo online.

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