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Reducing Risk At The Loading Dock With SV3

reduce risk at loading dock

NOVEMBER 26, 2019

Last year alone, the FBI reported nearly $12 million in cargo theft loss. With only $2 million being recovered. Of these astounding numbers, it is said a total of $35 billion is more realistic given, as so many cargo hijackings go unreported to the police (Hayes and Rogers 2007).

As threats continue to grow, few security systems are actually prepared to tackle complexities at the facilities dock.

How do you minimize the risks?
With the right security software solution, protecting your facility from theft and damage isn’t an end to a means, but more of a bi-product as a result of efficiency gains.

An efficient software solution should allow the company to have:

Risk Mitigation:
High-risk area identification paired with software allows simultaneous multi-layer prevention that limits exposure at its most surface area. For example, scanning vendors’ driver’s licenses or IDs, license plates, or photo capture.

Vendor Transparency:
Operating a solution that allows vetting, tracking, and authorizing schedules automatically minimizes risks to your facility and deliveries. Real-time notifications of approvals, arrivals, or expiring certificates of insurance immediately ensure your staff is well informed.

Digestible Reporting:
Cloud-based software provides insight into all facilities, or one facility, from anywhere based on the need. Visibility paired with reportability equates to sliceable information driving a true picture into a facility’s ongoing delivery traffic.