Transform security and logistics from the lobby to the loading dock

BI’s cloud-based SV3® product suite offers solutions for managing visitors as they enter on foot through the door and vendors in a vehicle at the loading dock.

What is SV3?

SV3® is a premiere trusted application platform for managing visitors, vehicles, and vendor access to a facility. To achieve that goal, at the core of our platform is an identity and asset management system. SV3® may serve as an authority or auxiliary platform to manage temporary access, access across multiple locations, vehicle and vendor/contractor management.

In conjunction with physical access control services, the team at Building Intelligence maintains connectors to various systems to mediate and support the transfer of data required to streamline operations and support security measures. Each element of data, every report, and every specific application is developed and prepared to support an effective, trusted solution and a Trusted Access Program (TAP).

TAP would require a combination of procedures, products, and physical conditions that establish a concept of operations relating to both logical and physical access based on identity and history. The goal of TAP is to systematically reduce the threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence.

SV3 Product Suite

SV3 Visitor®

A customizable visitor management solution that integrates with access control, turnstiles and can assist with resource scheduling.

Most popular with multi-tenant, high security facilities and convention centers.

SV3 Enterprise®

A sophisticated visitor management software ready to be deployed quickly across multiple locations. This system features an Outlook integration and strong data security.

Most popular with corporate offices and campuses, major league sports organizations, and pharmaceutical.

SV3 Healthcare®

Visitor management designed for hospitals and healthcare facilities. This system is HIPAA Certified and integrates with most existing systems in your security and identity environment, including HL7, Microsoft Active Directory, and SSO.

Most popular with urban hospitals, academic medical centers, and integrated healthcare systems.

SV3 Vehicle®

Manage your third-party network of vendors at the loading dock. Enroll and schedule deliveries to ensure the right people come on-site at the right time.

Most popular with high-rise buildings with garages and facilities with loading docks.

SV3 Insights®

Visualize vehicle and visitor trends within your facility, procure reports, and predict resource allocation with forecasting tools.

Most popular with organizations looking for actionable data to improve operations and to find additional ways to capitalize on ROI.

SV3 Connector®

Maximize your SV3 technology investment and integrate to your favorite tools and apps, utilize SV3 through conferencing and access control or use the custom API.

Most popular with IT teams looking to link systems together to develop a more cohesive technology network.

SafetyAct visitor management

SAFETY Act Certified Solutions

SV3® applications have been SAFETY Act Certified by the Department of U.S. Homeland Security (DHS), deemed a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT). The SAFETY Act was created to limit liability for claims resulting from an act of terrorism where Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies are deployed. 

The SAFETY Act caps liability and provides flow-down coverage to facility operators, system integrators, consultants and occupants.

Mobile App - SV3 Go®

Connect to SV3's global database from anywhere

Visitor badges

Send and receive notifications

Verify delivery driver identity with license capture

trusted access

Send check-in instructions

Upload required documents, COI management

Advanced check-in option for vendors

Trusted by thousands of locations worldwide

Transform, Optimize, Protect

SV3 solutions are trusted by thousands of buildings worldwide to make enterprise buildings safer and more efficient.

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