About Us

Headquartered in New York, Building Intelligence provides cloud-based software solutions for the management of visitors, vehicles and vendors.



Responding to increasing demand for reducing and eliminating digital risk associated with physical infrastructure, Building Intelligence Inc. today announced that it will include the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) as a key component of its cloud-based physical security solutions known as SV3®.


Ron will lead Building Intelligence’s operations including the areas of information technology, Sales, client relationships, program and project oversight.


Supporting driver’s license reading, license plate input, and logging vendors, SV3 provides a complete solution for security officers and building staff to work together to support a secure operation.SV3® is used to manage loading docks by accounting for overages and measuring resource usage.

MARCH 2016

Building Intelligence Inc. announced today that SV3® Kiosk software has been approved in Apple’s App Store for Apple Mobile Products. Building Intelligence Inc. will be introducing the product at the International Security Conference ISC West ( later next week at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV.

APRIL 2015

Building Intelligence Inc. is the only company offering combined visitor and vehicle access management with a SAFETY Act Designation. The Designation provides liability protections to its customers utilizing Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT), and partners reselling Technology.

APRIL 2014

Building Intelligence Inc. won this prestigious award when they presented their new SV3 software application. The SV3 brand which represents Secure Vehicle, Visitor & Vendor is designed to protect buildings from the unknown by ensuring that people and vehicles are identified, vetted and verified prior to gaining access to secured areas.


Building Intelligence has been contracted to provide Shortpath, SV3Path and Visitor Management to the Federal Government. This provides facility managers, security directors and other government agencies the ability purchase important services that will improve security and operations.