About Us

Headquartered in New York, Building Intelligence provides cloud-based software solutions for the management of visitors, vehicles and vendors.



Building Intelligence launched Insights, a data visualization and analytics tool to enhance facility operations and help create more transparent logistics via this customizable dashboard.


Building Intelligence CEO, Jeffrey C. Friedman, joins The Stoler Report with Mike Stoler, alongside Board Member, Warren Haber, to discuss Prop Tech in 2020 with a group of panelists.



This webinar with Building Intelligence CEO, Jeffrey C. Friedman, explores approaches to facility reopening and seeks to explain the premise and method for alleviating the concerns of privacy amongst end-users and integrators.


MAY 2020

In this WSJ opinion piece, Building Intelligence CEO explains that security theater won’t cut it. You’ll need to reveal more about your health than you used to if you want to get past the front desk.

APRIL 2020

Building Intelligence CEO Jeffrey Friedman and Director of Partnerships James Barbour discuss comprehensive security protocols that minimize risk at the loading dock in this issue of Facilities Management Journal Magazine.

MARCH 2020

Inside Access Control podcast host, Lee Odess, interviews Building Intelligence CEO, Jeffrey C. Friedman, to discuss resiliency amidst the pandemic.

MARCH 2020

This certification from the Department of Homeland Security’s SAFETY Act renews Building Intelligence’s software, SV3, for five more years.

MARCH 2020

At Building Intelligence, your safety has always been our number one priority and our commitment and productivity towards you remain the same.


Advances in technology have made security and access management much more efficient. Visitor management is no longer just security, it is an amenity and its scope has expanded beyond letting people in and out.