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Our NYC Office Has Moved!

NYC Office has moved

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Our NYC Office Has Moved!

NYC Office has moved

FEBRUARY 27, 2020

We are happy to announce our NYC team has moved to a new office location in Midtown Manhattan. Although our HQ remains in White Plains, New York (keep that address on file if you have it!), our team is happy to transition to a bigger space.

There are various motivations and reasons that led to our move:

1. Growth

As newer faces began joining our organization, space got tighter and the need for a new layout and office became a priority. This year, our channel partnership program doubled in personnel, as well as our support team. As we continue to invite new hats into our team, a bigger space simply made sense.

2. Presence

With the expansion, this also equates to more room for onsite customer workshops and additional space for our R&D lab. Considering the continued growth in our third-party integrations, enhancing our development area became critical, as well as creating a “showroom” opportunity. We are eager to invite new, and existing, clients to the space to produce a more “hands-on” approach to viewing our solution set.

3. Location

We are still in the heart of Midtown, surrounded by great restaurants, coffee shops, public atriums, and not to mention the best customers we are committed to work so tirelessly for. 

Building Intelligence has had quite a few exciting years, and this new location is the beginning of another great period in our story. Although we’re still getting settled and acquainted with the new space, we are excited to host our first quarterly happy hour in the coming weeks.

Our new address is 14 E 47th St New York, NY 10017.

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