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Limiting Occupancy to Maximize Office Safety

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Limiting Occupancy to Maximize Office Safety


JULY 21, 2020

SV3 is continually enhancing how we help our clients promote safe and healthy offices and buildings while dealing with the different state and local regulations regarding reopening.

In our last blog post, we did a breakdown of our most-asked about safety feature— preregistration questionnaires. Today, we’re introducing a feature that will help you navigate a common guideline: reducing overall building capacity.

The Occupancy Thresholds feature allows you to limit people and personnel that are scheduled to come on-site.

With it, you can:

    • Choose a daily limit of scheduled visitors


    • Receive notifications when scheduled visitors are getting close to the daily maximum


    • Automatically stop employees from scheduling new visitors once threshold is met


    • Allow employees to schedule themselves for a shift or reserve a spot


    • View the number of people checked in that day


    • Limit scheduling by building or tenant


Click to learn more about this feature — or add them all for a complete touchless experience.

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