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Efficiencies within Multi-Tenanted Environments


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Efficiencies within Multi-Tenanted Environments


OCTOBER 30, 2020

In a building where every tenant wants something different, it can be difficult to accommodate each and every request. With the right software, your multi-tenant environment can be effortless to make both, owners and tenants satisfied.

An effective multi-tenant environment should possess all of these features:

✓ Badges and Notifications
If your tenant requires badges for their visitors after they’ve checked-in via mobile QR Code or with the help of a security officer, printing and receiving real-time notifications when their guests arrive on-site should be easily attainable with the right cloud-based visitor management system.

✓ Tenant-Specific Branding
Your tenants are proud of their company brand. They want to showcase it to their visitors everywhere — branded kiosks, badging, and invites can all be made possible through a truly streamlined visitor management system.

✓ Reporting by Tenant
Monitoring and scheduling from the web allows overall transparency. Pulling monthly, weekly, and daily visitors per tenant is easy when you move on from paper logbooks into the cloud and manage visitor capacity with true intelligence.

✓ Watchlists and VIP Lists
Vetting on-site can be expedited when you integrate to global, local, and building-specific watchlists. Plus, tenants can get notified when a VIP member arrives so they can cater to their welcome experience as needed.

These are just some of the features tenants and owners love about SV3. Learn more here.

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