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Mitigate Risk By Doing These Four Things

AUGUST 31, 2020

Leading up to 2020, physical risk in the lobby was a major concern within buildings and offices, but lately, the interest for securing vendor access has been on the rise. The security risk, lack of control and potential for accidents in the back of the house can sometimes be overlooked because it’s not as palpable as the first points of entry like the lobby, passenger elevators or turnstiles.

That first interaction and experience is very important, but so is a trusted access program that leaves no gaps — securing operation and access of visitors, vehicles and vendors at all entry points. So while visitors are invited through the front door, the advancement of security measures for vendors is just as important.

So how can you mitigate physical risk? We made sure SV3 helps facility owners implement these four rules:

1. Identify and approve all vendors doing business on-site.

2. Make sure vendors establish who they are sending on-site.

3. Vendors must recertify their information every quarter pending site access.

4. Vendors must agree to the terms and conditions of working on-site and provide insurance or get a documented exception.

Are you in need of vehicle and vendor management? Learn more about securing vendor access with SV3 here or send us an email at

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