Three Levels of Physical Security

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Three Levels of Physical Security October 20, 2022 Levels of Physical Security Physical security should be proactive, and visitor management is designed to be the first line of defense. SV3 helps you navigate the delicate balance between generating memorable first impressions and adhering to the most rigorous security standards for corporate building. SV3 is scalable and configurable […]

Press Release​ – BreezN Rebranded to SV3 Enterprise®

BreezN Rebranded to SV3 Enterprise® – Press Release September 1, 2022 Building Intelligence adds a second visitor management solution to its portfolio by transitioning and rebranding BreezN to SV3 Enterprise® to offer new security options and software connectors. NEW YORK, NY – September 1, 2022 – Building Intelligence, providers of SV3®, a premiere software application […]

How to Mitigate Risk in the Workplace

mitigate workplace risk

How to Mitigate Risk in the Workplace August 2, 2022 Mitigate Risk in the Workplace Businesses run into risks all the time. According to Norton, in the first half of 2019, 4.1 billion records from company databases were exposed. That data included names, addresses, income, bank account information, and even social security numbers in some […]

What Every Security Systems Integrator Needs​

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What Every Security Systems Integrator Needs May 11, 2022 Dynamic Security Solutions Security is one of the most critical business needs. Some companies hire security systems integrators to assess security needs, install systems, train staff and provide maintenance. Building Intelligence works with security system integrators to provide them with innovative solutions for managing the access […]

How Investing in Sustainability Benefits Operations

Sustainable operations

How Investing in Sustainability Benefits Operations April 22, 2022 The Upside of Investment in Sustainable Operations Operating a sustainable facility is more than important, it is required to support your corporate mission, your employees, and your business. Regulations are here, and more are coming. Energy costs are destined to skyrocket, customers and suppliers have made […]

Returning to the Office and In-Person Events

returning in-person events

Returning to the Office and In-Person Events March 30, 2022 In-Person Events and Office Workers Make a Come Back Building Intelligence has expanded its capabilities to secure vehicles, vendors and visitors for security and facility operators preparing for a return to the office and in-person events. NEW YORK, NY – Building Intelligence is enabling stadiums, […]

Investing in Data Security

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Blog | Visitor Management | Investing in Data Security   Investing in Data Security March 8, 2022 Building Intelligence products are produced and deployed out of the United States. With so many people on desktops and mobile devices, the importance of secure solutions made in America matters more now than ever. Unlike most security solutions, visitor management is […]

Schedule Deliveries and Streamline COI Management​


Schedule Deliveries and Streamline COI Management February 22, 2022 Schedule Deliveries and Streamline Certificates of Insurance Management with SV3 Vehicle and Vendor There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to facility management — literally! Deliveries coming and going, documentation changing hands to validate vendors, and freight elevators moving throughout the day all contribute […]

How LPR Integration Benefits Facility Management​

LPR facility management

How LPR Integration Benefits Facility Management February 11, 2022 How SV3’s LPR/Video Integration Benefits Your Facilities Management With vehicles moving in, out, and around your facilities each day, it’s critical to maintain proper records. Our SV3 Vehicle & Vendor solution understands this. That’s why we offer LPR and video integration with the tool.  License Plate […]

Integrating Visitor Management with Access Control

Integrating Visitor Management with Access Control

Integrating Visitor Management with Access Control January 26, 2022 Adding Access Control with Visitor Management In today’s world, there needs to be the perfect combination of hardware and software dedicated to helping secure facilities. Security teams should know who’s going where and when around their facility. Integrating SV3 visitor management with Access Control provides the necessary software and hardware […]

Risk Mitigation by Trusted Access​

trusted access

Risk Mitigation by Trusted Access December 13, 2021 A Trusted Access Program is a combination of procedures, products and physical conditions that establish a concept of operations relating to both logical and physical access based on identity, history and relationships. The goal of a Trusted Access Program is to systematically reduce the threat of damage, […]

Schedule Deliveries to Reduce Congestion

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Blog | Vehicle Management | Schedule Deliveries to Reduce Congestion Schedule Deliveries to Reduce Congestion November 22, 2021 News12 Long Island caught up with our CEO Jeffrey Friedman to get his thoughts on NYC congestion problems and how technology can help solve this problem. He pointed out that most delivery trucks are not coordinating with […]

How to solve gridlock

how to solve gridlock

Blog | Vehicle Management | How to Solve Gridlock How to Solve Gridlock NOVEMBER 1, 2021 Originally posted by Crain’s New York Business by Jeffrey Friedman: New York City is facing the music—the music of honking horns from frustrated drivers who are sitting in more gridlock than ever. It will only get worse because many people feel […]

Press Release – Acquisition

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Building Intelligence Acquires Veristream – Press Release September 8, 2021 BUILDING INTELLIGENCE INC. POSITIONED TO TRANSFORM THE BUILDING SECURITY INDUSTRY AFTER ACQUIRING VERISTREAM LLC Combining Veristream’s visitor management solutions with Building Intelligence’s product portfolio puts security teams everywhere one step ahead of physical threats. NEW YORK, NY – September 8, 2021 – Building Intelligence, providers […]

What is Trusted Access?

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With SV3 you can keep your ecosystem of third-party vendors within one cloud-based app. It comes down to trusted access, so what is trusted access?

Interoperability f the Digital Age

Interoperability for the Digital Age

With robust, cloud-based solutions, systems don’t have to sit in siloes anymore. They should have the ability to integrate into your existing solutions

Maximizing the Tenant Experience

There’s only one first impression and tenants keep expecting more from their building’s system. SV3 helps you wow your tenants with the

Don’t Forget the Badges

Badge-printing is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood parts of setting up a visitor management system. In this guide, we dive into the many options and how to figure out the best solution for you.

Coordinating Chaos

Loading dock logistics can be hard to optimize, but it doesn’t have to be that way.