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Contactless Solutions Drive Better Human Experience, Not Just Now, But for the Time Ahead

JUNE 29, 2020

Lower costs and improve overall visitor experience by maximizing the use of self-entry-kiosks

Many lobbies are implementing kiosks as a reaction to the current climate amidst a global pandemic. And, while the immediate acquisition may be a necessity, it is also a valuable investment for the future.

Before we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, contactless sign-in features were used globally because they provided a hygienic, touchless way to register visitors at workplaces, while reducing interactions. Visitors, contractors or customers would sign-in by scanning a QR Code using their mobile device.

As the commercial real estate industry continues to integrate technology to improve guests’ experience, marketers and technologists are recognizing the role self-entry kiosks play in digital transformation. Driven by tenant demand for an efficient, more convenient lobby experience for both visitors and employees, facilities of all sizes are incorporating self-service kiosks into a variety of access points.

In a recent survey, a digital agency and a leading kiosk manufacturer partnered to better understand consumer attitudes and behaviors toward self-service kiosks. The results showed kiosks can, in fact, improve traffic management and provide a tangible upgrade that increases security and therefore tenant retention.

Self-entry kiosks are regularly featured in what tenants refer to as higher-caliber buildings.  Along with new mobile applications, the self-check-in kiosk can be part of a broader digital ecosystem and experience strategy if the right factors are considered.

How To Get Started

Choose your Kiosk.
There are many different types and styles of kiosks. Choose how many you need in a style that adheres to your environment. Will they need to print and scan? Will a security officer or a receptionist be on-site to help visitors? Consider all the factors before choosing the right one for your needs.

Configure your Kiosk.
The software behind your kiosk will allow you to choose the information you require your visitors to submit prior to entry or during registration. With SV3, you can send registration links before your visitor arrives at the lobby, ensuring their check-in goes smoothly.

Ready for Check-In.
Once your visitors start coming in they can scan their Driver’s License, Passport or ID Card depending on the configuration you chose for your kiosk.

However you decide to customize the kiosk experience for your tenants and visitors is up to you. The result will almost always be a streamlined visitor management process that is simple and efficient. Click to learn more about how to maximize the use of self-check-in kiosks to improve your visitor experience.

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