A Letter from Building Intelligence CEO Jeffrey Friedman

Several years ago, a series of incidents around the world sparked innovations regarding access control. What started as a system to secure the visitor entrance of one particular lobby in New York City became known as SV3, and now SV3 is used throughout the country. We have since extended our services to also encompass the management of vehicles and vendors.
We’ve redesigned the way facility managers orchestrate their loading docks, parking areas and helped them fine-tune the dance between trusted vendors and visitors. We introduced the use of QR Codes on mobile devices with SV3 to help organizations save money on paper badges and expedite their visitors’ time in the lobby.
We have also developed a secure program that allows visitors ‘Straight-To-Turnstile’ features to avoid lines and crowds within lobbies and reception desks. SV3 Barcodes are used by drivers and visitors at self-check-in kiosks and elevators. Our process has always been frictionless, but now, we have renamed our processes to ‘touchless’ due to the growing need for zero-contact technology.

The pandemic has created challenges for everyone and as a company, we are not exempt. At Building Intelligence, we’ve extended Barcode services to enable a wider-range of solutions that support ‘touchless’ experiences for access control. We are providing facial recognition, thermal and Bluetooth camera solutions and there is still more brewing for what’s to come for our clients in the next months.

Through a balanced approach, while respecting everyone’s privacy and partnered with great organizations and integrations, Building Intelligence has championed the cause of bringing people back to work safely and securely. We have done it before and we have the intent of doing it again.

We’re Listening 

Our team is here to discuss your plans so that we can help you reduce liability and support you while you get your people back to work. Our business was made to respond to crisis and tend to the needs of our clients. Give us a call, we can help you get your building open again.

Jeffrey C. Friedman
CEO, Building Intelligence

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