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Investing in Data Security

visitor management data security

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Investing in Data Security

visitor management data security

March 8, 2022

Building Intelligence products are produced and deployed out of the United States. With so many people on desktops and mobile devices, the importance of secure solutions made in America matters more now than ever. Unlike most security solutions, visitor management is a widely distributed product, usually to a large audience of employees, administrators, contractors, and facility operators. Unfortunately, for many business tenants, landlords went with the least expensive solution, putting commercial tenants in harm’s way.

We protect our tenant operators as well as our facility operators from these vulnerabilities. Security and technology directors are looking closely at all their solutions, including the ones provided by real estate providers.  

Many other visitor management solutions and various software providers have decided to build and deploy many of their products overseas. There is good reason to have a healthy concern these days. At Building Intelligence, our production and deployments are out of New York and Florida. We appreciate all the security consultants, technology professionals, and system integrator partners who have supported our program. We applaud the Department of Homeland Security and the GSA for encouraging our methods of service.  

If you are a concerned end-user about how you schedule your visitors or deliveries, and you do not know where the website was built, how it’s hosted, or who is involved, please reach out to us to let us explain the risks. Give us a call at 1-877-353-3377 or schedule a demo online.

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