Building Intelligence Inc. Unveils Data Analytics Tool, SV3 Insights

New York – December 10, 2020. Building Intelligence, known for their award-winning, cloud-based software, SV3®, a leading solution for physical security, logistics and facility operations, unveiled their new data visualization tool, SV3 Insights. Intended to analyze, report and visualize traffic data from buildings and facilities, this robust platform provides tactics and strategies while creating more transparent operations and logistics via a customizable dashboard.

Seamlessly integrated with SV3, Building Intelligence’s leading software solution for securing building and loading dock access, Insights is a powerful complement, allowing the visualization of trendlines and important data points that capture how buildings are being used by daily visitors and vendors, as well as peak traffic hours for each.

SV3 Insights doesn’t just throw data at a platform, it also provides the tools to understand and visualize that data in real-time, providing a fully-customizable experience so that no dashboard looks the same, allowing facility operators a view of the entire access and occupancy landscape. For years, Building Intelligence has integrated workflows and devices within their library of connectors to make reporting on visitors, vehicles and vendors easy. Now, with SV3 Insights, clients can deliver business intelligence with interactive dashboards and a variety of tools that support notifications on a set of thresholds and anomalous behaviors.

“Listening to the needs of our clients, clearly, there is a demand to gather and process information, and utilize intelligence to make key decisions,” said Jeffrey Friedman, CEO, Building Intelligence. “SV3 Insights enables clients to see data in an important way that empowers them to make informed decisions on resource allocation, staffing and schedules. This is a big win for operators and owners of commercial buildings, event centers, healthcare facilities, stadiums or any type of campus.” 

Insights can be used anywhere with an Internet connection and when paired with the variety of certified Physical Access Control Systems within SV3, paints a full picture of traffic data to enhance and optimize operations by generating data-driven decisions made possible with the data visualization within the Insights dashboard.


About Building Intelligence Inc.:

Headquartered in New York, Building Intelligence provides innovative solutions for managing the access and identities of visitors, vehicles, and vendors. Its patented, cloud-based, SAFETY-Act-Certified software, SV3®, creates an efficient and streamlined process at all entry points, establishing secure operations from the lobby to the loading dock.

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