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Integrating Visitor Management with Access Control

Integrating Visitor Management with Access Control

Integrating Visitor Management with Access Control

Integrating Visitor Management with Access Control

January 26, 2022

Adding Access Control with Visitor Management

In today’s world, there needs to be the perfect combination of hardware and software dedicated to helping secure facilities. Security teams should know who’s going where and when around their facility. Integrating SV3 visitor management with Access Control provides the necessary software and hardware to enhance facility security and visitor protocols.

Access Control includes: 

  • An easy-to-implement software platform
  • Hardware like badge readers, panels, main controls, locks/strikes, and turnstiles
  • Credentialing equipment like cards and fobs

A variety of industries can benefit from Access Control, but it’s especially great for companies that worry about security near any entrance or in the lobby. SV3 automatically creates visitor records in whichever integrated Access Control system, and those visitor records allow users to gain access through turnstiles or elevators seamlessly using a QR code or badge. 

It’s also great for multi-tenant buildings. SV3’s user database allows for an associated stacking plan, and Access Control uses that information to ensure that people across companies gain access to the building. Integrating SV3 Visitor with Access Control streamlines the visitor process. Trusted visitors can be sent access credentials 15-30 minutes before a meeting allowing them to skip the check-in process completely. They’ll just go straight to the turnstile or access point, scan their credentials and be on their way!

Additional features of Access Control include:

  • Push/pull visitor records
  • Sync cardholder information
  • Active/deactivate access cards
  • Multiple credential types
  • Open parking garage doors
  • Actuate access control points
  • Provision employee access
  • Bypass traditional check-in
  • Time validity

To learn more about how Access Control can empower your security team and better secure your facilities, give Building Intelligence a call at 1-877-353-3377 or schedule a demo online.

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