The Power of Data Analytics at your Fingertips

SV3 Insights is a data visualization tool that helps you analyze, report and visualize traffic data from your buildings and facilities. Its robust platform allows you to see forecasts, review your key performance indicators and build powerful reports to optimize your operations.

Actionable Intelligence

Save time and money by placing all your systems, sub-systems and applications in one place to manage your reporting.

Capture and process the intelligence behind your facility and building hooks into all the data you need to master the universe of operations, security and logistics to support your company.

Features that Build Intelligence and Yield Transparency

Visualize Visitor, Vehicle and Vendor Traffic within SV3

Configure and Customize your Daily Dashboard

Set up Notifications & Alerts for Key Targets

Collaborate and Share Reports in a Digestible Interface

Discover Trendlines, Manage Capacity, Resource Allocation and More

Present Performance Data Professionally and Drill Down into KPIs in Real Time

  • Add Widgets to your Dashboard or Choose a Template


  • Automate your Reporting and Set Alerts Based on Threshold Limits, Behaviors or Specific Data Points

  • Export your Reports to Present, Share or Collaborate

Data Visualization in Real-Time

Analyze trendlines over any time domain

Dive into relevant key performance indicators

Access from anywhere with an internet connection

Access from anywhere with an Internet connection

save share and download

Save, share and download reports for easy access

Maximize ROI

Optimize operations with data-driven decisions

Drill-drown into microdata in one click

Get started with SV3 Insights