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How LPR Integration Benefits Facility Management​

LPR facility management

How LPR Integration Benefits Facility Management

LPR facility management

February 11, 2022

How SV3’s LPR/Video Integration Benefits Your Facilities Management

With vehicles moving in, out, and around your facilities each day, it’s critical to maintain proper records. Our SV3 Vehicle & Vendor solution understands this. That’s why we offer LPR and video integration with the tool.  License Plate Recognition (LPR) and video integration empower management teams with a streamlined and efficient way to track vehicles coming in and out of their facilities. Here are a few other key benefits to SV3 Vehicle & Vendor’s LPR/video integration:

Speeds up vehicle check-in

Manually checking in vehicles eats up a lot of time that your security or facilities teams might better spend elsewhere in your building. By integrating with LPR, your facility’s software automates the process! You can check plates via LPR against a list of approved vehicles and streamline getting people in and out of your building.

Improves traffic flow around the building

Parking lots can get jammed when each driver has to manually take a ticket or verify their entry. With the LPR integration, you can verify a license plate number off of a roster automatically. This means less of a headache for you, your customers, and your visitors.

Reduces human error

Nighttime deliveries, speeding cars, or limited lighting options can make it hard for security teams to clearly read license plates. It can also be harder for personnel to recall the exact plate number or details, even if they’re trying to notate in real-time. LPR and video integrations can record any unsafe activity and connect it to a plate. Your facilities and security teams can then take appropriate action.

Stay safer with touchless tech

Since the pandemic started, touchless solutions not only streamline the flow of facilities; they also keep things safer for everyone involved!

Connects to mobile app

Facilities management teams are constantly on the move. Our SV3 system comes with a mobile app and built-in license plate recognition for checking in vehicles. The app keeps teams connected and alerted to any changes or concerns with visitors.

LPR/video surveillance is one of several integration possibilities with our SV3 Vehicle & Vendor solution. To learn more about how SV3 can better secure your facilities, give Building Intelligence a call at 1-877-353-3377 or schedule a demo online.

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