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Coordinating Loading Dock Chaos

MARCH 2, 2021

Loading dock logistics can be hard to optimize, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to navigating areas of elevated risk, increasing efficiency within day-to-day operations, and reducing operational costs, you need to be able to rely on a holistic system.

It should help you tackle some of the main concerns when it comes to managing events and vendors, allowing you to:

✓ Pre-Authorize Vendors and Schedule Deliveries

Scheduling deliveries and vetting and authorizing vendors ahead of time should be easy so that you can create a database of trusted vendors and know when they will arrive, limiting confusion and the entry of any unauthorized vendor or vehicle. 

✓ Approve Vendors within a Designated Mobile App

The logbook days are gone and your system should be adapting to the times by providing you with efficient systems that allow you to leverage the cloud and your devices so that you can easily see who’s coming to the loading dock with the click of a button.

✓ Manage Events and Control Freight

Marry all your needs within one system. A truly comprehensive tool should let you implement your events with complete floor and section mapping, as well as a freight control portal where you can coordinate vendors, review incoming deliveries, and vet drivers.

✓ Assign Loading Docks and Bays

The best way to understand your campus, arena, or facility is to visualize it. Within a thorough system, visualizing dock availability to allocate your vendors, drivers, and deliveries by loading dock and bay number, should be essential

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