BreezN Rebranded to SV3 Enterprise® - Press Release

breezn rebranded to SV3 Enterprise

September 1, 2022

Building Intelligence adds a second visitor management solution to its portfolio by transitioning and rebranding BreezN to SV3 Enterprise® to offer new security options and software connectors.

NEW YORK, NY – September 1, 2022 – Building Intelligence, providers of SV3®, a premiere software application platform for visitor, vehicle, and vendor management, has completed an extensive rebranding of the trusted visitor management system BreezN. The BreezN name and logo have changed to SV3 Enterprise® and it joins the SV3® product suite.

Over the past five years, BreezN has cemented its status as the market leader for cloud-based visitor management. The platform currently supports over 250 companies and thousands of locations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, major league sports teams, hospitals, and government agencies. This growth over the years reflects the increasing recognition that companies of all sizes, regardless of industry, benefit in several ways by choosing to invest in the protection and efficiency of their people and assets. With the rebranding of SV3 Enterprise®, the platform is now next in line to be SAFETY Act Certified by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). SAFETY Act is anti-terrorism technology that caps liability and provides flow-down coverage to facility operators, system integrators, consultants, and occupants. 

Our goal at Building Intelligence is to help companies develop a secure, Trusted Access Program (TAP). A Trusted Access Program systematically reduces the threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence inside a building. SV3 Enterprise® is one component of TAP, and it protects the safety and security of all employees and visitors. Unknown strangers wandering through facilities pose significant risks, including the risk of theft, violence, industrial espionage, sabotage, or even terrorism.

SV3 Enterprise® verifies the identity of every person entering the building, and it can run internal and government-issued background checks. An alert is sent directly to security in real-time when the system flags a visitor who should not be allowed to enter the building. SV3 Enterprise® is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud in a dedicated private environment to provide the most secure way to capture and store digital visitor information. 

About Building Intelligence, Inc.

Building Intelligence (BI) is a privately-owned software company based in New York, NY offering innovative technology solutions for security practitioners and building owners to manage visitors, vehicles, vendors, and freight. BI’s cloud-based solutions are uniquely positioned to provide the roles for managing visitors and vendors as they enter on foot through the front door or in a vehicle at the loading dock or parking area. With services for convention centers, stadiums, commercial, and event centers, Building Intelligence is transforming logistics, security, and operations for the event industry, the commercial real estate industry, and healthcare.

To learn more about BreezN being rebranded to SV3 Enterprise® or the entire SV3 product suite give us a call at 1-877-353-3377 or schedule a demo online.



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