SV3 for Stadiums, Arenas & Event Centers

Smarter, More Secure Arenas and Event Centers

Safer, More Efficient Logistics & Operations

We believe the back-of-the-house doesn’t have to be a mess, so we vowed to remove the security gaps that exist within facility operations. SV3 helps optimize logistics and operations, for smarter, more secure interactions at all access points.

Get Started with These SV3 Signature Features

When it comes to choosing your features and workflow, Building Intelligence helps you every step of the way, whether you want our most-used features in a bundle, or you want to customize everything.

Dock & Bay Assignment

Assign loading dock and bay per vendor, driver, and delivery via drag and drop freight to assignment.

LPR & UVIS Integrations

Integrate to a variety of systems, including License Plate Recognition and Under Vehicle Inspection.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive email and text alerts for scheduled deliveries and vendors, and expiring COIs or licenses.

License and ID Scan

Easily scan driver's license or government-issued IDs via scanner or mobile app.

Event Manager Center

Map and manage events down to vendor, floor, and booth number from the SV3 app.

Designated Mobile App

Assign deliveries, request approvals, and make adjustments all from anywhere.

SV3 Products

The SV3 line creates a 360-trusted-access program for complete and thorough security from the lobby to the loading dock. Vetting visitors, vehicles, and vendors as well as having insight into traffic volume are all essential components of our mission to create efficient operations worldwide.

Touchless Check-In

Straight-to-Turnstile or Elevator

NDA's and Questionnaires

Text and Email Alerts

Access Control Integrations

Schedule Deliveries & Vendors

Freight Elevator Scheduling

Assign Dock and Bays

SAFETY Act Certified

COI Expiration Alerts

Visualize Traffic Data

Customizable Dashboard

Share and Present Reports

Discover trendlines

Use Data to Allocate Resources

Trusted by

Advance Scheduling & Approval

SV3 arms you for delivery management on the fly with prescheduling, advance vetting and a freight control center via a dedicated mobile application that updates to the cloud in real time so that you can take maximize efficiencies and take control of the logistics within your campus or stadium.