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3 Ways to Keep Visitors Happy in Spaces with High Traffic

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3 Ways to Keep Visitors Happy in Spaces with High Traffic

JULY 29, 2020

Visitor traffic in buildings can be seasonal or peak at different hours of the day, but if your building experiences a surge of more than 50 visitors in 30 minutes, your building would qualify as having high visitor traffic.

Processing or checking in one of your visitors in 90 seconds would mean 40 visitors are checked in by one desk within an hour. If 20 people are trying to attend an event at the same time however, you now have a long line of frustrated visitors.

There are many avoidable mistakes that happen within buildings and spaces that are frequently visited. Below we’ve listed some of the ones we often see.

1. Building operations not preparing for visitor surges or accommodating to them.

2. Visitor processes quarantined to manned desks.

3. Visitors not being identified or pre-scheduled — or adapting to this best practice has been done poorly.

Going from frustrated visitors to seamless lobby operations shouldn’t be a hard or expensive task. There are 3 ways you can keep your visitors happy even in these high-traffic environments.

1. Deploying workstations that are constantly supervised.

Processing 50 people in 30 minutes effectively, requires at least three workstations. This investment will save you time and money in the long run with quick, measurable returns.

2. Deploying supervised self-entry kiosks.

You could set up four self-entry kiosks and have one security officer supervise them. This will allow visitors convenience and independence while still having help accessible to them.

3. Deploying less supervised self-entry kiosks with a trusted access program.

With a cloud-based software solution, you could speed up self-entry kiosks while still hiring a person to supervise it. This cost-effective solution gives your visitors autonomy while given them a myriad of options when it comes to smart solutions — QR Code invitations, text or email approval, and more.

These solutions allow you to combine a better experience at a lower cost to handle high-volume visitor traffic regardless of sporadic or constant surges.

Besides, speeding up self-service kiosks is easy by switching to mobile QR Codes and removing the predominant practice of printing badges, which can sometimes slow lines down.

These choices are important to the value of the property, its operational costs, tenant retention, and space attraction to potential tenants and current employees.

Learn more about how you can manage high visitor traffic with SV3.

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