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Our security solutions are guaranteed to help your company achieve a safer work environment for employees, visitors, and the public.


We develop a customized risk management program that puts your company's interests and needs first. We're transparent, collaborative, and experienced.


We provide detailed analytics that aid in understanding the safety of your workplace, and help you meet your security compliance standards.

Transform. Optimize. Protect.

Building Intelligence provides innovative solutions for managing the access and identities of visitors, vehicles and vendors. Its award-winning, cloud-based software, SV3®, creates an efficient and streamlined process at all entry points. Enabling facilities to establish secure operations from the lobby to the loading dock.

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safety act certification

SAFETY Act Certified Solutions

SV3® applications have been SAFETY Act Certified by the Department of U.S. Homeland Security (DHS), deemed a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT). The SAFETY Act was created to limit liability for claims resulting from an act of terrorism where Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies are deployed. 

The SAFETY Act caps liability and provides flow-down coverage to facility operators, system integrators, consultants and occupants.